Urban Design Guidelines

The Pitt IMP Urban Design Guidelines apply to both building and landscape projects identified in the ten-year development envelope. The guidelines are intended to create an enhanced campus environment that is compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods and districts. The guidelines are not meant to limit creativity or be prescriptive, but rather to establish a set of criteria that will foster design that is compatible with the existing campus as well as the urban context.
The Urban Design Guidelines contain both general and site specific requirements for new development Sections 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 contain design criteria that applies to all projects included in the ten-year development envelope. Section 5.3 is organized by district and provides development criteria for each site. The district names and boundaries are unchanged from previous IMP’s, however some of the development sites themselves have changed.
Each site includes a site plan, a three dimensional diagram and text describing the maximum development allowed within the site boundaries. The three dimensional drawing is not an architectural drawing and should not be interpreted as a representation of a building on the site. Instead, this diagram is similar to a shipping box – the item being shipped must fit within the box, cannot extend beyond the box in any direction, but does not fill the box because of required packing material. The Guidelines also identify allowable uses, maximum floor area, maximum parking, and open space and circulation considerations.

Preliminary draft of IMP section 5.3 Urban Design Guidelines (PDF)

Location Site Plan Diagrams

District Descriptions

Development Sites