Envisioning the Future: Pitt's IMP

With the overarching Campus Master Plan completed for the Pittsburgh campus, Pitt is now seeking input to develop the Institutional Master Plan. An IMP is a formal, legally binding document submitted to the City of Pittsburgh by large institutions, such as hospitals and colleges.

Why IMP?

Our Campus Master Plan presents what is possible for our Pittsburgh campus for decades to come. The Institutional Master Plan (IMP) provides details related to City of Pittsburgh regulations, including building height and mass, parking, urban design and neighborhood compatibility.


Like the Campus Master Plan, the Institutional Master Plan (IMP) will be developed with input from the community. Early and throughout the planning process, we are reaching out to community stakeholders, including neighborhood groups, area residents, City Council representatives, other institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

In February, the University began hosting community meetings to discuss details of the IMP and get feedback. Pitt students, faculty and staff along with community stakeholders are invited to attend and participate in these meetings.